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About iKonnek

a company of inside sales professionals with a decade's experience in B2B lead generation and appointment setting. Since 2004, we have worked with dozens of clients from the IT, software, logistics, healthcare, merchant, commercial cleaning, coaching and traning, advertising, research and consulting and insurance industries, helping them maximize their sales performance, increase conversion, and hit their revenue and growth targets.

Rather than hiring and training or keeping regular marketing staff, letting us to do the marketing is probably the most financially sound option for you at this point. It would be our pleasure to assist you in building that clientele and in promoting your business. Maybe we can greatly cut your overhead expenses and provide better service at the same time. That is what we do best and I can tell you how we do it.

We deliver your leads and appointments through the smart use of technology, proven prospecting techniques and personal attention and dedication given by our team and marketing experts.

Lead Generation
Data Quality Solutions
Event Promotion
Appointment Setting
Database Management

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Our Industries



Generating sales-ready leads for software products, not one marketing approach but an intensive marketing platform is needed.


We at ikonnek can find a fitting solution to each and every advertising company’s needs.


We customized a b2b marketing initiatives to support the logistic industry.

Merchant Services

Our merchant department which is specifically created to serve our increasing number of merchant clients.

Information Technology

Our vast experiences working with leading IT Products and Services providers have put us on TOP among lead generators and appointment setters.

Research & Consulting

One of the successful campaigns we have is running a program with consultants and advisors who deal with wide variety of business.

Financial Services

We design a lead generation and appointment setting program that will specifically help the financial sector

Commercial Cleaning

With our vast experience working with noteworthy commercial cleaning companies in the US, our market reach has even expanded in the APAC region which mainly focuses on Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand markets.

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Our company integrates telemarketing, social media and email marketing channels to book you an appointment with highly interested prospects in your target market. A team of campaign specialists with rich experience in your industry will work for you full-time.

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